Lamination Grades

Tedlar resilience and durability means that it is the film of choice for high end technical and protective applications. Tedlar is used widely in the military and civil aerospace industries, to protect and decorate components in aeroplanes as diverse as the Airbus and the Tornado. Tedlar is a specified component in the manufacture and maintenance of many aircraft types.

There are many other applications for Tedlar that include but are by no means limited to Anti-graffiti, architectural cladding, UV screening  (particularly clear roofing), coil coating and many other barrier applications.

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Composition Release Grades

Tedlar films provide an ideal release for fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) and carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRF) composites. With Tedlar, the moulds of parts and linings are protected and have the ability to stay in place during curing and processing under high temperature and pressure.

Tedlar is widely used in transfer printing in, among others, the aerospace industry, the rubber hose and belt industries, carbon fibre applications i.e. Formula 1 cars and many other industries that desire the high end performance of Tedlar.

DuPont Tedlar Retailer

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